(Laval) Kim Clavel can accept defeat. However, she has a hard time accepting injustice.

On Saturday, at Place Bell, his entire clan had the impression of being victims of serious injustice following their loss by split decision against Argentina’s Evelin Bermúdez. Its promoter first.

Yvon Michel had very harsh words towards the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux and judge Benoît Roussel. The latter handed a 96-94 card in favor of Bermúdez (19-1-1, 6 KOs), just like judge Frank Lombardi.

These two scores made the difference: Bill Lerch had seen the fight 98-92 in favor of the 33-year-old Quebecer.

“It [Saturday] was my 74th world championship fight. All over the world when preparing for such a fight, athletic commissions present the judges to the promoters. We don’t choose them, but if we have any apprehension about a judge, we say it and out of courtesy, we always remove it. It was also like that before in Quebec.

“When the Régie [des alcools, des courses et des jeux] presented the judges to us, we said: “We don’t want Benoît Roussel. Take anyone, but not him. We have statistics on him and it’s not pretty.” But they chose him. »

Michel explained further. He assures that his organization keeps statistics on the judges’ cards and that Bernard Barré, his right-hand man within GYM, had informed him that if Roussel was mandated for this fight, he would have to ask the Régie to remove him.

“We didn’t want to go public with our request. We didn’t want to harm him. We just wanted to have someone else. Anyone actually. […] We weren’t asking for the sea to drink, but we didn’t want to find ourselves in this situation today. If another judge arrives at the same result, he would be given the benefit of the doubt. But in his case…”

Joined on Sunday morning, the RACJ did not wish to fuel the controversy.

“The Régie will not issue any comments at this stage,” Joyce Tremblay, spokesperson for the organization, said by email. Furthermore, rest assured that the judges chosen, in this case Mr. Roussel, have the required qualifications and skills and our organization does not allow itself to be influenced by the requests of promoters. You are probably aware that Mr. Roussel has an international reputation. »

On this point, Ms. Tremblay is right: Benoît Roussel has worked all over the world and has officiated at numerous world championships. He judged a total of 816 fights in his career.

Michel also accused Roussel of having been the judge giving a draw in the Marie-Pier-Houle fight on Saturday, won by majority decision by the Quebecer. Rather, it was judge Sylvain Leblanc who gave a score of 76-76. Roussel had 77-75 in favor of Houle.

Michel and Stéphan Larouche were in Eric Lucas’ corner on April 5, 2003 when the Magogois was robbed by Markus Beyer. They did not hesitate to compare the two events.

“When you experience an injustice like that, it’s difficult to find your motivation afterwards,” said Larouche, comments very close to those made by Clavel’s coach, Danielle Bouchard.

“It’s very hard to digest,” she said. The people who have always encouraged us will still have to be behind us. It can give us the momentum that will propel us forward even better. But it will be one day at a time. »

What’s next for Clavel (17-2, 3 KOs)? Her entire clan is convinced that she still belongs to the world elite. This performance should not push it back too far in the rankings. But with Yesica Nery Plata and Bermúdez sharing the four belts, she’s a bit stuck.

“I can make 105 like I can fight at 112 pounds. I’m open to anything,” Clavel said.

“The girls won’t come and fight here for peanuts,” said Larouche. And going abroad is not an option. I asked Bermúdez’s promoter how much they gave for opponents in Argentina. She said around $20,000. No chance we’re going to fight there for that price. »

One thing is clear: this will not be a rematch against Bermúdez. Clavel was his mandatory challenger in the IBF and WBO – both belts retained by Bermúdez – and Argentina should not take the chance of reliving the same kind of evening a second time.