The Federal cartel office wants to collect to ban Facebook soon, about in other Websites built-in “Like”button user data outside of the Social network. A decision should be delivered to the group in the next few weeks, reported the “Bild am Sonntag”. The cartel office is of the opinion that Facebook need through the collection of data outside of its own pages is its dominant position in the market miss.

A corresponding action by the Federal cartel office against the Social network was for the beginning of the year has been expected. As the sheet continues to write, it’s not just the “Like”button, but, more generally, to the interfaces of Facebook to third-party, the group of users to flow data. Such third-party are games Apps or the short message service Twitter.

A Facebook spokeswoman said at the request of FAZ.NET the network have been standing in 2016 in regular exchange with the German Federal cartel office and have answered the requests. “We have 2017 already explained to the public, and votes of the blending of privacy we share the views of the German cartel office and said antitrust law,” she said. “We will defend this Position.”