The CDU wants to work to ensure that the obtains in many places, with lawsuits on diesel driving bans successful German environmental aid (DUH), no more funds from the Federal budget. The CDU in the Federal government and the Unions-group should work to “the fact that budget and off-budget funds, which have not yet been prohibited to be bound will be provided with a lock flag, and in future the house will not be included for the DUH,” the decision of the party day, Saturday. The CDU is also calling for an examination of whether the PROJECT “meets the criteria for charitable status”.

in the face of dozens of lawsuits on Diesel-driving bans, the DUH is currently losing supporters. So last week, the Japanese car maker Toyota had announced to quit from the next year, his money payments to the auto-critical lobby group. With the commitment of the DUH, in a number of cities diesel driving bans court to enforce, has to do with the decision of a speaker, but nothing. According to media reports, was withdrawn recently, the brewery group Krombacher DUH, the support. The DUH is trying to enforce actions in a number of cities, compliance with the nitrogen limits and driving bans for Diesel vehicles.