shortly before the counting of the first members of the “Committee Room 14,” the hall of the Westminster Palace came, conveyed the impressions that could hardly be more different. Supporters of the Prime Minister, Theresa May, as health Minister, Matthew Hancock, spoke of “great heat”, which was beaten in the hall. Opponents such as the MP Bernard Jenkin declared to be cooling, that may’s appearance had changed no opinions. In the end, it was enough for the Chairman of the Conservative party. 200 MPs voted for, 117 against you. This is not an overwhelming vote of confidence, but one that for the time being, continue to rule.

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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May the hour that had given the group before the vote took advantage of that for an emotional appeal to the deputies. You are not summoned only the future of the country, should be voted out of office, you also have party-political Register moved. Although your goal was to lead the party in the elections of 2022, have you taken thought of this distance, she explained. This is likely to have taken a number of party friends, who were tried on Wednesday evening to dispose of in the longer term, a Chairman who had delivered during the last election campaign is not a good figure. May managed to make the vote of confidence to a vote on the immediate present: Now, there was a majority, to destabilize the already distressed Brexit process and to have a great impact on the search for a new Chairman. “I’m going to fight in this vote, with everything I have”, May had declared decisively that it was in the Morning a short speech in front of your headquarters. The night before, it had been Graham Brady informed by telephone, that a motion of censure is inevitable. Brady, the Chairman of the “1922 Committee” and, therefore, something of the notary of the group. After 15 percent of conservative MPs have lost confidence in their party leader, and this had, in a letter to Brady revealed that he had to – the articles of Association, to schedule a vote.

Scarce time May

helps For May the customer was not really surprising. For more than a year, it is reported that letters arrive at the Brady – usually in batch mode. The first boost came after may’s devastating party rally appearance in October last year, was followed by a second a few weeks ago, as you “Deal” with Brussels. The third and decisive thrust was observed on Monday, after the Prime Minister had postponed the vote on the withdrawal agreement out of fear of a defeat. Several times in the past 14 months, the internal party May have had, claiming the critics, to have the necessary number of 48 members. But it is only in the night to Wednesday it had been really the case.