December weather: towards low altitude snow next week?


After a particularly dry summer and a historically warm autumn, winter is getting a bit ahead at the end of the year. According to forecasts from La Chaîne Météo, the drop in temperatures for the second part of next week is confirmed for the start of the meteorological winter. “According to the weather scenarios we have forecast, this cold should be dry in the east but will come up against disturbances coming up from the Mediterranean in the south. This context would be conducive to the arrival of snow at low altitude”, announces the site specializing in meteorology.

According to the latest data, Thursday, December 1, the first day of meteorological winter, will sign a significant drop in temperatures in the east of the country with a tendency to spread towards the west and south. An event that coincides with disturbed weather and depressions located from Spain to the Mediterranean… Which could, on a very local scale, give rise to epiphenomena, i.e. localized episodes of snowfall.

“If snow therefore seems possible at low altitude for the beginning of December, let us remember that this would not be exceptional”, indicates the forecaster. In the most likely scenario (60%), La Chaîne Météo announces disturbed weather in the south with a very specific conflict zone… Discover the departments concerned in our slideshow below. “Generally, the first snowfalls in the plain can appear during the month of November, sometimes even from the end of October at low altitude, as in 2018 on the central massif for example”, concludes the forecaster.