The liberal Muslim, Seyran Ates and politicians of the great coalition will advocate for the introduction of a mosque-tax for Muslims. With such a levy, the Muslims should organize the financing of their communities becoming self-reinforcing, said Ates, founder of the Berlin-based Ibn Rushd Goethe-mosque, the Online Portal of the “world” (Wednesday). For the Union group Vice-Thorsten Frei (CDU), would be a mosque-a tax as “an important step” to emancipate Islam in Germany from foreign influence. The Federal Ministry of the interior considers such a charge is conceivable, however, points to the legal hurdles.

The proposal is already being discussed for some time. A lot of German mosques have access due to lack of funds on imams from abroad. At the largest mosque Association Ditib, which is connected with the Turkish religious authority in Ankara, imams are sent from Turkey.

the German Islam conference, the responsible state Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the interior, Markus Kerber (CDU), said the “world”, the goal is not to be had, “the fact that mosques in Germany are of financial assistance from abroad”. A mosque-the tax analog to the Church tax could be “a solution”, but it is a matter for the religious community. A prerequisite for the tax would be that the mosques would have to meet the requirements of the religion constitutional right to a public Corporation. In Germany, especially the Protestant and the Catholic Church have the Status of a public Corporation. Thus, the right of tax collection is associated with the members.