What are the visitors of the exhibition “Welcome to Jerusalem, see” the Jewish Museum Berlin (JMB)? Pretty much exactly what the written part of the greeting word of the Director, Peter shepherd says: that Jerusalem is a “request – and-place for Jews, Christians and Muslims”. That in this Holy place, “the three great monotheistic religions are deeply rooted”, here, but religious sentiment, and political Action in a way combine, “which had, so far, every solution or even attempt to fail”. In other words, the exhibition traces the complex-state of a competitive city, and she does so with works of art, objects, models, photos, documents and movies. Especially the use of large video screens, in front of which the visitors can engage in subjective points of view from different Parts of the Jerusalem society, testifies to a Museum pedagogy, which is remote any ideological paternalism. That alone is a time, in the Jewish issues is almost always with “conflict” are associated, a sign of sovereignty.

Paul Ingendaay

Europe correspondent of the critics in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu have so much understanding for the Arab side miss, is not so surprising. However, the attempt to urge the Federal government to cut funding for the Jewish Museum and other suitable facilities, is an Assault. The Jewish Museum is not funded by Israel, but by Germany and an extensive network of sponsors. The Director-Peter Schaefer is accountable. And the tremendous public response confirmed his concept, to get many kinds of reflection on Jewish life in the house – including an “open and equal debate,” as Schaefer put it to this newspaper three days after Netanyahu’s harsh criticism: “This openness was, and is, a lived reality of the Jewish Museum in Berlin, and I will defend it with all means.”

Important strategic partnerships

he, of Course, Netanyahu’s is not an approach in terms of content, but strategically determined. In Budapest, Jewish citizens have been protesting for years against a public memorial, the talks, the Hungarian participation in the European murder of Jews by the national socialists, small. Nevertheless, the Israeli Prime searches, despite anti-Semitic tendencies in the Hungarian Right, and often spooky, close to the government party, Fidesz, the right-wing Jobbik party – the close proximity of Viktor Orbán. The same image in Poland, where the course has triggered an attempt by the so-called “Holocaust law” in anti-Semitism-researchers all over the world outrage. Poland represents the historical investigation of Polish complicity in the murder of Jews, under penalty, does not seem to worry Netanyahu, however. More important than the historical Tradition, so one could infer, are strategic partnerships.

The criticism of the Israeli Prime Minister is likely to already be based on the objections of others, because he himself has not seen the exhibition. So what are the allegations, saying in substance? For example, the city of Jerusalem will be reduced to “politics”. Or Muslim monuments are larger than Jewish – but also due to the fact could be that the Area of the Haram ash-Sharif, the sacred area of the Islamic Jerusalem, the Exhibition shows a valuable historical model by Conrad Schick in the year 1879, is, in fact, greater than the grave Church or other religious buildings.

the fact that biographical information boards to Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism, and PLO Chairman Yassir Arafat, on the same height, has caused some Protest. Or that the Information of Israel’s victory in the six day war, the wrong music plays. And the press cuttings to Jerusalem, in the presence especially of the “left” Newspapers come to a word such as “Ha’aretz”, the “Guardian” and the “New York Times”. In other words: critics of Israel’s settlement policy.