It is never easy for a government, if a citizen is convicted in another country to death. However, in the case of the canadian Robert Schellenberg, who was sentenced on Monday in China for drug smuggling to the death, it’s far more than that, namely the accusation that the maximum sentence was not imposed solely because of the alleged crimes clamp mount, but also for political reasons. Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau accused China, to have consciously “chosen” to begin”,” the death penalty is arbitrarily applied.

Friederike Böge

Political correspondent for East Asia.

F. A. Z.

The unusual choice of words made it clear that from Trudeaus vision of a new quality of political justice in China. The incident, Trudeau was “extremely worrying for us as a government, and it should be for all of our international friends and allies”. To recognize a call to the allies, that it might meet next, is also the citizen of another state. As the message Trudeaus, stricter Canada his travel notes: “We encourage Canadians to leave China because of the risk of arbitrary application of local laws, a high degree of caution.”

the verdict follows the arrest of a Chinese girl in Canada

China showed on Tuesday indignant about Trudeaus “irresponsible” Statements. The foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying accused Canada of double standards and called on the Prime Minister “to respect China’s legal sovereignty”. On the canadian travel advice, Beijing responded with the same coin: Chinese citizens should evaluate before a trip to Canada, “the risks extensively,” it said in a communication to the Ministry of foreign Affairs. To substantiate, reference was made to the “arbitrary arrest” of a Chinese citizen in Canada at the behest “of a third state”.

This refers to the chief financial officer and daughter of the CEO of Huawei Meng Wanzhou. She was on 1. December of last year, in Vancouver, at the request of the United States have been arrested. A delivery to America is where the deception of the HSBC Bank over Iran transactions of your company is accused of. This case has led to serious distortions between Beijing and Ottawa, in particular, after China two Canadians on charges of violating national security were arrested. What they are accused of, specifically, is unknown. China’s Ambassador in Ottawa has increased their “self-defense” and, thus, even the suspicion that fueled Beijing wants to build in this way, the pressure to Meng Wanzhou to compress.