A death sentence against a canadian citizen, has led to new tensions in the relationship between China and Canada. The Ministry of foreign Affairs in Beijing, rejected on Tuesday the criticism of canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the judgment in sharp Form. The Statements Trudeaus were “very unsatisfactory,” said Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying. Canada had finally to accept the sovereignty of China and on comments such as the Trudeaus do without, she demanded.

Trudeau had previously spoken of an arbitrary judgment against his compatriot Robert Schellenberg. The man was sentenced on Monday for smuggling more than 200 kilograms of drugs to death.

The relationship between the two countries is already strained because of the arrest of the chief financial officer of the Chinese technology group Huawei, Meng Wanzhou,. They had been taken at the request of the American’s government, Canada and is currently against a million-Deposit free. On 6. February must re-appear before the court.

Shortly after their arrest, detainees in China two Canadians on charges of endangering the security of the state. If you were a former diplomat and a business consultant. The death sentence against Schellenberg marks the most recent strain of the bilateral relations.