French singer Jean-Louis Murat died on Thursday at the age of 71.

The singer-songwriter, whose real name is Jean-Louis Bergheaud, has recorded 21 albums during a career launched in 1984 with the disc Passions Privées in 1984. That’s not counting a dozen recordings in shows , literary projects and film music. Incidentally, the very first collection of his greatest hits is to be released this Friday – Jean-Louis Murat had long refused to see his discography summarized in a compilation.

It was with the disc Cheyenne Autumn, in 1989, that Murat was discovered by the general public, in particular thanks to the songs Si j’ should miss you and Te keep close to me, which set the stage for his famous Regrets, sung in duet with Mylène Farmer. However, it is the album Dolores, released in 1996, which is considered to be his greatest achievement.

The singer had just completed his last tour on May 19, in support of his latest album, The Real Life of Buck John, which was released in 2021.