This Thursday, March 23, a talented actress died. Since 2009, Marion Game formed with Gérard Hernandez one of the most beloved couples on television in the hit comedy series Scenes of households.

The characters of Huguette and Raymond have, in fact, marked the French for their outspokenness and their humor. This couple undoubtedly participated in the success of the series still broadcast today. But, without Marion Game, what will happen to the couple in the soap opera?

On January 17, 2023, a special premium of Scenes of households was broadcast on M6. But fans were marked by the absence of Marion Game. In the fiction, Huguette had decided to dump Raymond for her doctor.

“Marion Game was tired when filming the prime shot in Corsica in sometimes difficult conditions. In consultation with her and her family, it was decided that she would stay in Paris to rest”, explained M6 in the columns of Tele-Loisirs.

With the tragic passing of Marion Game, the couple’s future on the show remains a mystery. At this time, no statement has been made by the channel, but several hypotheses seem to be emerging.

It is possible that producers will decide to adopt a strategy similar to that used during the last prime. Indeed, the series could explain the departure of Huguette by making it clear that she left Raymond. The episodes could then focus on Raymond in the company of a new wife or a home help, for example.

The other option would simply be the end of Huguette and Raymond on the M6 ​​show. Without Huguette, the directors could, in fact, decide not to shoot new episodes with Gérard Hernandez without Marion Game. Christine and Gilbert, the new duo that arrived recently and performed by Fanny Cottençon and Didier Bénureau, could thus become the “deans” of cult fiction on M6.