The singer Cali, performer of the song C’est quand le bonheur, is one of five children of Vincent and Mireille. The latter, director of the school in their village in Vernet-les-bains, tragically died at the age of 33 following cancer. The young Cali, real name Bruno Caliciuri, was only six years old.

A drama that the singer told on the set of It starts today by Faustine Bollaert, this December 8, 2022. “She died of cancer. She was 33, I was 6”, he had started to explain and the facilitator to ask him if he had any memories of her. “We first have memories of memories. We are told about things and we will have the impression of having lived them. But I have this memory always deep inside me, of the last kiss, in fact”.

A kiss that happened a few days before she left. “I didn’t know she was going to leave (…) I think you have to tell the children things. And I didn’t know. And she said goodbye to me and I love you. And then here it is”.

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During his mother’s funeral, the 6-year-old boy did not attend, “They wanted to spare me, I imagine (…) I saw a procession pass, I saw all the people I knew from the village. I saw my family behind a black car.. and it was my mum that we were going to bury (…) I have this really precise memory”, he declared to Faustine Bollaert. His father Vincent died 18 years later in 1992. Faced with his first bereavement, Cali turned to writing and singing.

Very discreet about his private life, the singer Bruni Cali now shares his life with a certain Caroline. “When I fall in love, I really fall. With [elle], we live something very strong, even if I know that it is complicated for her to be my wife”, he had declared to the magazine Ici Paris in 2019 and to add: “It’s already complicated to live with an artist but when this artist can go from darkness to sun in just ten minutes, it’s even harder”.

Aged 54 today, the interpreter of She told me is the father of four children. A family life on which he had confided in the media.

The singer Cali is the father of four children: a boy born from a first relationship and three girls, Coco, Poppée and Misha, born from his relationship with his current partner Caroline.

“My children know that if they take that away from me, they take everything away from me. It’s very selfish in a way. My harmony is the road and the house”, he confided in the columns of Release. With his life as an artist, the singer is regularly on tour or at festivals. However, as soon as the opportunity arises, he does everything to find his loved ones. “As soon as I have a two-day opening, I fly home and I’m fully with them since I mainly write in transport. These round trips are my rhythm of life to be well (… ) That’s the other side of the coin. You can’t really get rid of that mental load and it often causes a feeling of dissatisfaction.”