Death of George Floyd – country-wide protests in the USATrotz curfew, the demonstrations in Minneapolis go on. Also in other U.S. cities, it comes to the death of George Floyd, the protests and riots over access to the country as a whole.Video: Tamedia

After the death of the African-American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis the protests in the US city have to take, in spite of a curfew attached. Reporter of the transmitter CNN reported on the night to Saturday, neither the soldiers of the national guard or cops to be seen. In the protests of Black involved therefore as well as White.

television pictures showed protesters in the city on a fast road marched. They carried signs with inscriptions such as “Am I next?” and “no justice, no peace”. CNN showed pictures of peaceful protests in Minneapolis, but also from fire to plugged-in cars.

Floyd came on Monday during a police operation in Minneapolis killed. One of the four participating in the deployment of the policemen was accused on Friday of the murder. It is the white police officer who had pressed his knee minutes long on the neck of Floyd’s. Floyd had repeatedly begged for help before he lost consciousness, like a Video had recorded. The 46-year-old Black was declared upon his arrival in the hospital for dead.

protests degenerated in the night from Friday to Saturday in part in the form of violence, as it is here in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina.Photo: Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency/

in other American cities, it was the fourth night in a row protests, which degenerated occasionally into violence. In Atlanta, demonstrators attacked the headquarters of the channel to CNN. The channel showed Live pictures from the own Headquarters, which was, as protesters from outside objects at police at the entrance of the station threw. Also from New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Louisville, and other places protests have been reported. In front of the White house in Washington, protesters gathered as well. Some of them were met with barricades around.

a state of emergency, 500 soldiers

The Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, announced on Friday a curfew for Minneapolis and the neighboring city of St. Paul, which occurred at 20 o’clock. As a result of Floyd’s death, it had come in the last few nights of serious riots in Minneapolis. Walz had mobilized on Thursday in the national guard and declared a state of emergency for the city and surrounding areas to call out. The national guard announced that more than 500 soldiers had been deployed in the Region.

The four on the use of the police officers involved were dismissed. They were initially been charged or arrested yet. The investigations against the three other police officers to take. Governor Walz had called for protesters on Friday to urge the renunciation of violence. Issues such as systematic racism need to be addressed, this could not but happen, as long as there is “complete anarchy on the streets,” said Walz.

Also in Washington DC demonstrated to several Hundred people. The police arrested one of the protesters.Photo :Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency/

as a result of Floyd’s death, it was in the past the nights of heavy rioting in Minneapolis in the U.S. state of Minnesota came. Shops went up in flames, looting it came from. Protesters stormed also a police station and set fire to the place. The police used tear gas against demonstrators.

knee on the back of the neck

In the Friday published a warrant for the Ex-pressed police officers it was said, he had pressed his knee a total of eight minutes, and 46 seconds on the back of the neck Floyd’s. In the last two minutes and 53 seconds Floyd have not shown any sign of life. Police officers need to know on the Basis of their training, that this kind of detention of a Suspect is inherently dangerous.

In the warrant, it was said that the coroner go according to preliminary findings, that Floyd had not suffocated. The 46-Year-old had suffered from other health problems, which would, together with the determination and the possible intoxicants in his blood, presumably to his death. The Ex-police officers are accused of murder and manslaughter. He faces up to 35 years in prison according to the laws in Minnesota as a whole.

On Friday, an arrest warrant against the police officers was enacted, the Floyd pressed for eight minutes, the knee on the back of the neck. The rally in Washington, DC.Photo: Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency/

In addition, U.S. attorney General William Barr announced that Federal agencies like the FBI would be parallel to the investigations by the authorities in Minnesota are investigating whether the concerned police officers, citizens would be right to violate laws. He was confident that the justice in the case, Floyd will be satisfied.

“one Of our darkest Chapter”

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz pledged on Friday that the judiciary will investigate the actions of the Parties quickly. The Governor informed the horror of the incident. “The Chapter was written this week, is one of our darkest chapters,” he said. Walz, the protesters urged the renunciation of violence. Issues such as systematic racism need to be addressed, this could not but happen, as long as there is “complete anarchy on the streets,” he said.

U.S. President Donald Trump showed up on Friday confident that the national guard will prevent further riots in Minneapolis. Trump said in the White house, he had spoken with members of Floyd’s. “Great People.” Trump asked at the same time an immediate end to the violence. You can’t allow that, the situation slipped further into “anarchy and Chaos”, said the President. He spoke of a “terrible, terrible Situation”.

Trump offered to the Governor of the state of Minnesota, the military counter-demonstrators to use. Members of the national guard in front of a burned building in Minneapolis.Photo: Stephen Mature/

Trump had previously caused a controversy when he announced on Twitter: “Have just spoken with Governor Tim Walz, and told him that the military is on his side. If there are difficulties, we will take control, but if the looting begin, starts Shooting.” Twitter sided with the Tweet with a warning, because of the contribution against the prohibition of glorification of violence of the movement of the service.

With its set of possible shots fired at looters quoted Trump a set from the year 1967, with the the former police chief of Miami, a hard-line approach against the black population was announced. Trump was balanced by his statement on Friday, in a further Tweet. He informed that he had only meant that looting could lead to gun violence, what was a fact. Later, he said he didn’t know the origin of the quote from Miami at all.

American Stars protest in social media

Also, numerous Celebrities react to Floyd’s death. Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx (“Ray”) took part on Friday in a rally to Protest against police violence. He came not as a celebrity, but as a brother in Minneapolis, said the actor in front of a predominantly black crowd. “We want to let you know, you have support.”

singer John Legend, linked on Twitter the words of the black civil rights activist Martin Luther King that have to avoid with social justice and progress uprisings were. “Hamilton”-Star Lin-Manuel Miranda called on to donate to the organizations, the arrested demonstrators with money and lawyers can help.

people gather on Friday in Minneapolis, a well-known basketball player embraces a woman.Photo: Stephen Mature/

singer Taylor Swift turned via short message service Twitter directly to US President Donald Trump, the the protesters for looting with a violent military action threatened. “After you fueled during your entire presidency, the fire of white supremacy and racism, you now have the nerve to moral Superiority, to pretend and then to threaten with violence?”, wrote Swift. “We get to choose in November out of office.”

“No other choice”

Cardi B defended the protesters in a Video. “As much as I don’t like this kind of violence – it is what it is,” said the singer. “Too many peaceful demonstrations, too many Hashtags become Trends, and solutions. The people have no other choice.” Singer Justin Bieber wrote on Instagram: “No life are of importance to black life is important.” Singer Beyonce has published a photo of Floyd on your web page and wrote “Rest in Power” (such as rest in Power, based on “Rest in Peace”, rest in peace).

Since you have the Video of the police operation seen, not have you get in Floyd’s face and his words out of the head, wrote Kylie Jenner, TV Star and sister of Kim Kardashian, in the case of Instagram. “No one should live in fear and no one deserves a death like the one of George Floyd and many others.”