Between Queen Elizabeth II and animals, it’s a great love story. Since she was young, she has had two passions: horseback riding and corgis. It is especially near her dogs that the young princess will forge a special relationship!

In his book Majesty, the reign of Elizabeth II, the journalist and biographer Bertrand Meyer-Stabley, tells us that the daughter of George VI and Elizabeth was a child when “she fell in love with the animal while playing with a welsh corgi at the Viscount Weymouth” in 1933. It was then that the breeder Thelma Gray gave him her first dog named Dookie. The beginning of a beautiful complicity with a long line of dogs.

Afterwards, Princess Elizabeth will welcome Jane, Crackers and Carol, “all born in Sandringhman around Christmas”, read between the lines. For her 18th birthday, her parents gave her Susan, a magnificent corgi from whom she never separated. She was so loved by her mistress that she accompanied Prince Philip’s wife on their honeymoon.

During her reign, Queen Elizabeth II owned more than 30 corgis spanning eight generations, some of whom were direct descendants of Susan. Raised to the rank of superstars, the sovereign’s dogs are adored by her subjects at each of her appearances. On official trips, during family vacations or between flights, her adorable doggies are a great symbol for the British crown.

With declining health, William and Harry’s grandmother had decided to stop her breeding at the age of 93. But his son, Prince Andrew, had offered him “two new residents in March 2021”, recalls the journalist in his biography. In memory of Queen Elizabeth II, we offer you an anthology of her fondest memories in the company of her faithful corgis.