The news has greatly affected the many admirers of the actress: Charlotte Valandrey died on Wednesday July 13, at only 53 years old. His relatives insisted the next day to publish a text on his official Instagram account. This is a poem that Charlotte Valandrey wrote for her only daughter, Tara, from her marriage to Arthur Lecaisne.

“In 2000 I was a mother, you gave me life again, writes the actress. May these words forever fill our silences. May they tell your soul what I cannot tell you. May they embrace you like your words embraced me this morning. “The best of mothers”, the most beautiful of children…”. She ends her poem with a declaration of love: “In the night, in the rain or in a bright sun. Call me my Louloute, I do not sleep, I watch. Love as I love you, my angel, my paradise, Mom”.

This text from the book Do not forget to love me, published in 2012, has greatly moved Internet users. It bears witness to the deep love that Charlotte Valandrey had for her 22-year-old daughter. The latter has not wanted to speak publicly at this time. The actress will be buried privately in Pléneuf-Val-André (Côtes-d’Armor), a city close to her heart. A religious ceremony will take place next September in Paris.

Actress Gwendoline Hamon, very close to Charlotte Valandrey, also commented on the July 14 Instagram post. “I am very sad this evening to learn of your departure. You the fighter, the lover of life, the mother so proud of her daughter, I send you a thousand tender kisses and my admiration forever,” she said. writing. Both had played together in a play at the Théâtre de l’Oeuvre, in Marseille.

Charlotte Valandrey found success at the age of 17, thanks to her role in the film Rouge Baiser. She played Nadia, an activist in the Young Communists. The actress then starred in the television series Les Cordier, judge and cop from 1991 to 2000 and Tomorrow belongs to us from 2017 to 2019.

She had contracted HIV a few days before she turned 18, with a “gothic prince, member of a famous rock band”, she wrote in her book Love in the blood. It was in 2005 that Charlotte Valandrey publicly revealed her illness in this book. On June 14, she was operated on for a third heart transplant, which unfortunately did not take. The actress died of a heart attack a few weeks later.