A great figure of the PAF has left us. The actress Marion Game died this Thursday at the age of 84, her daughter Virginie Ledieu announced today. “It is in the tenderness and affection of her family that she left to join the stars,” she told AFP. The heroine of the fiction Scenes of households would have died of old age this Thursday, March 23 at the end of the afternoon at her home.

Before sharing the screen with her faithful accomplice Gérard Hernandez on M6, Marion Game was an artist who lived several lives. From her modest beginnings in theater and cinema, including television in the 1970s, she played supporting roles that would reveal her to the general public. She is particularly famous in series such as Gil Blas de Santillane, Ces beaux messieurs de Bois-Doré or Nana in 1981.

However, his singular elocution allowed him to distinguish himself in the field of dubbing. A passion led in the shadows where she lent her voice to actress Jane Kaczmarek in the American series Malcolm or to Shirley Knight in Desperate Houseviwes. It was from 2009 that the career of Marion Game experienced a second wind.

At that time, the actress Marion Game made her debut in Household Scenes broadcast on M6. A family fiction where she plays Huguette with her partner Gérard Hernandez (in the role of Raymond). The couple of endearing octogenarians, but with a cow humor, delights millions of fans every evening on television.

A great popularity for Marion Game which has not weakened for a decade, allowing it to also touch a good jackpot. As implied by host Jordan de Luxe on his show last May. “How much do you earn when you do Scenes of households? I think it’s not huge. I let myself hear say 4,000 euros, something like that. 8,000 euros per month”, he addresses to his guest. “Yeah, it must be in those waters, but who cares. The important thing is not to be in bed, with a thermometer and herbal tea,” quipped the actress.

About equal pay with his sidekick on the screen, Marion Game specifies. “We have always had the same daily salary, each one”. What the facilitator signs and persists in. “So it’s 8,000 euros per month?”, Before the actress finally confessed. “If we do two days of filming, that’s it, but we do three”. That is a sum which would be around 12,000 euros monthly.

With this additional income, we imagine that Marion Game is having a happy life. However, the famous actress is also experiencing financial difficulties for her retirement. Recently, she would have mentioned the amount of her retirement during a new interview with Jordan on television. “I don’t have a big pension, I haven’t worked enough for that…”.

According to the interpreter of the friendly Huguette, his retirement pension would not be enough to live on a daily basis. “I don’t live for the dough, I have around 1,000 euros a month, but that’s enough for me, I’m on my own, no dependents, my children are far away! I just live in a small house in Clamart” , assured the octogenarian against the host in 2020.

If Marion Game was popular on the small screen, she never came close to having such a career. Invited on the set of It starts today presented by Faustine Bollaert, she returned to a terrible ordeal which affected her personal life.

At the time, Marion Game was an executive secretary in a holding company in Paris. Not feeling out of place, she also doubts her ability to become an actress. “I found myself insignificant, small … all the criteria that make you have to try to do something else,” she said before sinking into depression. “I was bored to death, I was daydreaming. Nothing was happening. […] All that depressed me completely. I fell into total depression. They found me one morning in my bed. I went to in a service at the Lariboisière hospital, in the neurological service”.

During her stay, she met an assistant who assured her of doing theater rather than remaining isolated between these walls. “It was he who gave me a kind of click”, confides the one who was subsequently trained during Simon.

During her love life, Marion Game was married to Philippe Ledieu in 1959 before welcoming their daughter Virginie the following year. After their divorce at the end of the 1960s, she crossed paths with Jacques Martin in 1968. They would stay together for four years before their separation in 1972.

A stormy relationship notably marked by the jealousy of the host vis-à-vis the actress. “His tragedy is that he wanted to become an actor. […] He was jealous of my career. I chose the career. He lived it as a rivalry. It was something to which he did not had no access. He was very popular at the time, but I represented his failure. He was not made for the theater”, she assures Faustine Bollaert on France 2. An unbearable situation which prompted her to leave the presenter.

On September 14, 2021, the actress confided once again in her past relationship on the show L’instant de Luxe. “I left because Jacques Martin, it was not my life (…) I had nothing to do with this man. He was: ‘me I, me I’. And me, I had my career to do. At some point, it was no longer possible. I left. He was very unhappy, he was a little angry with me all the same,” she said.

Subsequently, Marion Game found love again with Swiss comedian Jacques Verlier. Together, they have two boys, Mathieu and Romain, before separating some time later. The actress has rebuilt her life today with Jean-Claude, a man who has filled her with happiness for 15 years. “It’s fusion, a lot of tenderness and benevolent looks. I appreciate a thousand percent what he is, I think he also appreciates what I am”, confessed the actress seen in Plus belle la vie à our colleagues from Purepeople.