Death of a black man in Minneapolis, US Governor calls for protests a state of emergency ausAusschreitungen, looting and arson: The U.S. city of Minneapolis after the death of a Black man during a police operation in turmoil.Protesters set fire to buildings and cars In Minneapolis, came after the death of a Black, serious riots.REUTERS

After violent protests due to the death of an African-American in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis, the Governor of the US has mobilized the state of Minnesota in the national guard.

Governor Tim Walz said on Thursday (local time) a state of emergency for Minneapolis and surrounding areas, as from his disposition emerged. After the death of the African-American George Floyd (46) was it came in Minneapolis in the night from Wednesday to Thursday to violent clashes.

In the order of the Governor, it was said, peaceful demonstrations are still allowed. Riots threatened the safety of peaceful demonstrators.

the trigger for the anger and outrage of the demonstrators is around ten minutes long Video of Floyd’s death, which spread like wildfire on social media was that A white COP pressed his knee for several minutes on the neck of the 46-Year-old pleaded repeatedly for help before he lost consciousness.

Repeats the Afro-American said: “I can’t breathe.” He died shortly thereafter in a nearby hospital. The four involved police officers were fired, but not arrested.

The Federal Bureau of investigation and the local Prosecutor’s office declared on Thursday in a joint statement, the investigation and possible prosecution, will be given “highest priority”. Earlier, US President, Donald Trump had promised an expeditious investigation. Trump said Thursday in the White house, he had watched the Video. “This was a very bad thing that I’ve seen.” On demand, the President said, with Floyd’s family he had not spoken yet.