Breaking News: Wedding Chaos Unfolds in Salem

On a dramatic episode of Days of Our Lives airing on Monday, June 10, tensions escalate at Konstantin and Maggie’s wedding. The culmination of Steve, John, Marlena, and Maggie’s plan results in a shocking shooting incident. Konstantin, fueled by his chilling confession from the previous episode, reveals the truth about Victor’s death. The question remains – will Victor’s family seek revenge?

Konstantin (John Kapelos) finds himself cornered at the wedding, as his secrets are exposed. It turns out he was deceived and never had the real pre-nup in his possession. The situation intensifies as Steve, John, Alex, and Brady observe the unfolding chaos.

Theresa (Emily O’Brien) becomes entangled in the dangerous situation when she confronts Konstantin. With a lot at stake, she must navigate the treacherous waters, especially since she was involved in his past crimes.

As the tension rises, Konstantin takes Theresa hostage, leading to a standoff with Steve and John. The stakes are high as they try to navigate the situation without anyone getting hurt.

Amidst the chaos, Victor’s nephew Justin and his wife Bonnie watch helplessly, hoping for a resolution. However, the danger escalates, leading to Maggie collapsing in Justin’s arms. Luckily, Sarah, a doctor, is on hand to provide assistance.

The episode promises high drama, intense confrontations, and unexpected twists as the characters face the consequences of their actions. Tune in to witness the gripping events unfold in Salem.