David Duchovny Opens Up About Working with Sarah Jessica Parker on ‘Sex & the City’

David Duchovny recently reflected on his time working with Sarah Jessica Parker on the hit series ‘Sex & the City’. The X Files star, who made a cameo appearance as Carrie Bradshaw’s old flame Jeremy, expressed his desire to continue on the show despite his brief stint.

During a recent interview, the 63-year-old actor shared his thoughts on his experience working with Parker. Duchovny mentioned that he had hoped for a chance to return to the show but unfortunately, it did not materialize.

“We had talked about doing more and never ended up doing it,” Duchovny revealed. “I would’ve loved to have done more of that show.”

Despite not being able to reprise his role, Duchovny had nothing but praise for his co-star. He described his working relationship with Parker as “immediate” and “easy,” emphasizing how much he enjoyed collaborating with her on set.

As Sarah Jessica Parker continues to film the third season of the show’s spinoff series And Just Like That, fans can’t help but wonder what could have been if Duchovny’s character had made a return. Though his time on ‘Sex & the City’ was short-lived, it’s clear that the actor holds fond memories of his time working alongside Parker.

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