Since 2014, former “heavyweight” judo champion and ex-Ile-de-France Regional Councilor David Douillet has been in a relationship with his sublime companion, Vanessa Carrara. More in love than ever, the lovebirds became parents of a daughter named Blanche in 2016. Already the father of three children, born from his previous relationship, David Douillet married his partner on August 19, 2017 at the town hall of Certines in Ain.

In the program 50 ‘Inside, the ex-athlete had mentioned his meeting with the one who shares his life. “We met at a political meeting. We had done a whole bunch of stuff, a whole bunch of protests, and it ended with a big meal,” he said, adding, “There were 400 people and Madam was there. I arrive, I did not expect it at all, everything was fine, and I see her, I say to myself ‘Wow’. I say nothing. I say nothing at all. Things going on, she takes a picture with me, I don’t even speak to her, nothing. Total platonic. I had no idea that I could flash on someone like that and say to myself “It’s her “, without there being a single sound exchanged between us…”, he had declared.

On August 19, 2022, the couple celebrated their 5 years of marriage by revealing a nice photo of them on social networks. Check out their cute couple photos in our slideshow.