at the beginning of the current PDC world championship proved to Rob Cross, a sense of Humor. As in the Alexandra Palace, the venue of the world Cup in the North-East of London, the power went out, since Cross left his PR Team tweeting: “Need an electrician?”

Daniel Meuren

sports editor.

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Cross trained as an expert in power cables and Fuses. Until a little more than two years he practiced the profession even in full-time, before he ventured to speak, out of the Pub out of the Hobby-arrow werferei on the big tournament stage of the two major Darts organizations.

While the slightly less powerful British Darts Organisation (BDO), the success in 2016, denied remained, he landed the arrows at the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) in the correct fields and enabling fast surprise successes.

From the Pub to the world Cup title

The coronation of his first year, he played in the world Cup the new year of 2018, right up to the title of world champion office-final win against Phil Taylor in his last official turn game before the farewell to the professional tour. Cross’s success story was the biggest Sensation in the history of professional Darts.