The great dream of Max Hopp did not come true: In the biggest game of his career, as the best German dart players had called in the tournament series of the professional Association of PDC, the encounter with the world rank list first-Michael van Gerwen before the start, had to leave the 22-year-old Hopp is a 1:4 defeat to the records of the Dutch the victory. Again, a second round of the PDC world championship without German participation takes place. Never managed a German Starter, in this decisive Phase of the tournament.

Daniel Meuren

sports editor.

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The two-time world champion Van Gerwen Christmas hits now on Donnerstagnach either Adrian Lewis, twice in London’s Alexandra Palace successfully, or the Lithuanian Darius Labanauskas. Hopp had done a lot for the match against the most successful Darts player in the last few years. He proved, as the encounter Can be, of course, too late in the nearly 40 minutes of pure game time duration, as he brought van Gerwen briefly in embarrassment.

At the start of the game, however, van Gerwen dominated in the usual manner, with his Power Score, resistant to high income throws in shots with three each. In the first sentence he had Hopp no Chance by each Leg with a 180, all with 13 or 14 Darts finished, a very good rate, given a minimum required number of nine throws.

The strength of the demonstration was to oppose Hopp in the second sentence a little. From Idstein in Hesse, Taunus-born professional had to first of all be glad that he could at least decide to Put for themselves. The third set Mighty Mike “won” with the highest possible Checkout by 170 points with two Darts in the triple 20 and the last arrow into the most valuable, but also achieved the most difficult to be taken in the double box in the middle of the disc.