Like a loser, Lisa Ashton, looked truly. 3000 Fans in London, “Ally Pally” stood on chairs, sang the English from full neck, some of the Darts world cast champion even hand kisses. “I’m a little empty, but also happy. I wanted to show that we are not afraid of men,“ said the 48-Year-old who had written, in spite of their defeat, a piece of world Cup history.

in Front of Ashton, only the canadian Gayl King in 2001 had won a set at a world Cup. At the 1:3 against Dutchman Jan Dekker, after all, number 48 in the world rankings, again, Ashton pulled off the feat, and threw himself into the hearts of the Fans. Dekker had suspected something of that nature. “Actually, I can only lose,” he said after the draw. And just then, it looked at first.

As Ashton enters, are still the club to listen to tents, whistles. The changes within a few minutes. The four-time world champion, nicknamed “The Lancashire Rose” wins the thinking the first set 3:0-trusted. For the first two Legs she needs 15 Darts, for the third only 12. On average, she throws 107 points, everything is about 100 for the world-class. The rate of profit you check out 121 points, the highest Finish of the Evening. Suddenly, she is no longer under pressure, but Dekker.

Dekker under pressure

The mood is already tilted. The Dutchman is now booed mercilessly, but retains the nerve and rotates the encounter. “It was hard. Nobody in the world expects a man against a woman loses,“ he says. Ashton head held high: “I wanted to show that we are ready to go with the men on the stage.” If at all, should men be afraid of her.

Probably true. Two fixed starting positions are there for women since this year. Some Fans accuse the Association of PDC, therefore, “excessive political correctness”, especially since the “Walk-on Girls” a thing of the past. On stage with three scantily clad cheerleaders with silver Pom Poms were waiting for Ashton yet. For a few seconds, the Challenger seemed lost a little.