Michael Buchner plays in the BDO world championship as a co-favorite for the title. He would sport in the first German world champion in the urenglischen Pub. On Wednesday he plays 16.15 against the Welshman Wayne Warren. The game is a track in Germany, via a Youtube Livestream.

Daniel Meuren

sports editor.

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The Darts world champion Michael van Gerwen is crowned, and now you play the next world champion. How do you explain that?

There are two different associations and there will be crowned two world Champions. And both of them just in January.

the boxes is a flood of titles such as the professional?

It is historically a bit different. 25 years ago, have caused some of the players from the BDO cleaved and a professional tour. At the PDC, the full-time professionals at the Start, which is play Darts. In the BDO, all work as normal in your Job. The earning opportunities are not so great.

they meet after the 3:2 victory against the Australians Justin Thompson on Wednesday afternoon (16.15 h Youtube channel EN BDO or directly here) on the Welshman Wayne Warren. With you, it’s now 100,000 British pounds for the world championship, the PDC world champion is just a half-a-Million wealthy. The BDO world championship is, therefore, a B-Cup?

You can see it that way. Also the BDO and all of the excellent can play Darts. But you have to say that it’s going to be quite as high class as the PDC. You realize that you play a constant. The missing of the BDO players and also me. The art of Darts is to play a couple of good Legs. This can be very many in Germany. The great quality is the hours of constant retrieve. The longer a game lasts, the more the best of the PDC professionals to me and the other BDO players are ahead for sure.

you have experienced in the past year, both in the BDO as a qualifier for the world Cup to Kant, reached the semi-final, were the first German world rankings and have even been to a BDO player of the year. But you are also allowed to play at the Grand Slam of Darts for the first time as one of eight charged BDO players the PDC tournament. This was in spite of their peak levels of a different world?

It’s all tucked up professional. The drum is the other way around, with a few stricter rules. In the halls, more of a party atmosphere between the Oktoberfest and the carnival, it is of course much louder. But the most Important thing: The disc is the same size as the BDO.