Dany Saval and Michel Drucker: their love story in photos


Before marrying host Michel Drucker in 1973 in Las Vegas, actress Dany Daval was first married to publicist Roger Chaland in 1958 and then secondly to composer Maurice Jarre with whom she had a daughter named Stéfanie.

Since the beginning of the 1970s, Dany Saval has been living happy days alongside her husband, star star of the show Vivement Dimanche on France 3. After their marriage, the actress had decided to put an end to her career in order to support his husband. A choice that forced the admiration of the host as he had declared to our colleagues from Soir Mag.

“She tells me: ‘I organize our life so that you can work in good conditions. You can become something other than a sports reporter,’ he explained and added: “She voluntarily stops her job. did the trick. And takes care of me. It was still extraordinary that a 29-year-old girl, in full youth, with incredible potential, should step back. Dany brought me balance, calm and boosted my ambitions. She gave me confidence in myself. She said to me: ‘There is no room for two in the photo or on the poster.’ I found that incredible “.

If the couple never had children together, Michel Drucker adopted Stéfanie, the daughter of his partner. “It’s my daughter! Stéfanie, she was 5 years old when I met her, I was 29, she knows me by heart”, explained the host to Parisian.

Planet invites you to discover the pretty photos of the couple in our slideshow.