Dany Brillant: who are the three children of the famous artist?


The year ends in style for Dany Brillant. On December 28, the famous singer celebrated his 57th birthday with his loved ones. On his Instagram page, the fifties gave his news by sharing a photo during a dinner with his managers Sabine Feutrel and Valérie Michelin who follow him in his career.

“My darlings, I spent my birthday with two of the most important people for me: if I have persisted in this profession for more than 30 years, it is only thanks to them!”, he wrote in legend before thanking them. “It’s indestructible! Thank you my darlings for this birthday in the Caribbean”. If Dany Brillant is well surrounded by his two collaborators in his career, he is also supported by his family to whom he remains close.

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On the personal side, Daniel Cohen (real name) shared the life of a woman named Dorothée, a professional makeup artist, who gave birth to their daughter Leah in 1993. Today separated from the mother of his eldest, the famous singer and actor has lived since 2008 with his partner Nathalie Moury. From their union, he is the father of their two boys Dean (born in 2010) and Lino (born in 2012).

Asked by Gala in 2021, the interpreter of the tube When I see your eyes had confided in the choice of the names of his sons, in tribute to two stars. “I called my sons Lino and Dean. Because my heroes were Lino Ventura, for what he represented: righteousness, power, the word given. And Dean Martin: for his natural class, his fantasy, his lightness. You have to fight today to be light”, according to comments relayed by Purepeople.

As for his eldest daughter Leah, she had shared a song with him in 2009 on his album Puerto Rico. However, singer Dany Brillant does not want his siblings to follow in his footsteps in the artistic world. “My daughter Léah doesn’t want to be a singer. My son Lino has taken up the sax. I advise them not to follow this path anyway, because it’s a difficult job, which requires real passion”, declared he in the pages of Télé Star.

Away from the spotlight, her eldest daughter Leah lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she works as a filmmaker, director, cinematographer and editor, as indicated on her Linkedin online page. If she lives across the Atlantic year-round, the 29-year-old returned to France at the start of the year, when her father was invited by Michel Drucker in Vivement Dimanche. “I just met backstage a charming young girl who has your eyes and who said to me with a little English accent: ‘I am Dany’s daughter'”, said the host in front of his guest. Discover in pictures the children of Dany Brillant in our slideshow below.