Bruges / Ieper,
Daniel Deriemacker (38), was on Thursday due to a volksjury was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder of his wife, Carmen García Ortega (35). The woman in 2017 and for the life of thirteen knife wounds, and more stomp to the face. “The court will take into account the gravity and the enormity of the offence, but also by the total lack of moral standards,” according to the volksjury.

After a telephone tip on 10 January 2017, met with the inspectors, the lifeless body of Carmen, Wrapped It in a place in the trade route into (Hainaut, belgium). The woman, who was born in Ieper (ypres), and was mercilessly massacred by a thirteen knife wounds in the heart or in the throat, and it proved to be even more kicking in the face to do so. Her nose and cheekbone were broken. The officers also noticed that the rechterachterband of her vehicle, the leak was plugged.

the breakthrough in The investigation came only two months later. Witness, Frederick R. was told that he was that very evening, on the drive to be a black man dressed in a very short time to see walking by. A moment later, one would suspect an old Ford with a broken taillight stepped on it. Daniel Deriemacker, the wife or husband of It, it had a similar Ford Fiesta. It was on the 21st of april 2017 and be maintained.

Visit turns the emitter off

The couple were, at the time of the facts, for seventeen years, including fifteen years of marriage. “It is a fact, because of the severity of the injury – that they, on the 10th of January 2017, deliberately, with intent to kill, a life was given, as stated in the volksjury make their decision on Thursday. “That’s it, death for those who committed, according to the piece sticking out of the tire, and that he was waiting for it to strike.”

The visit to Come in over the weekend, it is for the defense of counter-season. Because of their findings on the spot were the judges, since then, even more convinced of his guilt. The declaration of Frederick R. was in the court as a sincere and credible, as defined. Also, his statements about the details of that particular evening proved to be correct. The story is also consistent with the route taken by the culprit was, as is clear from the discarded purse and cell phone in the child’s best interests. The characteristics of the vehicle, such as the mud flaps, but voting is also in line with the Ford Fiesta van Deriemacker.

the Short, brutal assault

According to the members of the jury, it was the murder of between 21.26 hours and 21.29 an hour, when she broke down mobile phone network in the rock. The reason was stated that it was to be a short-lived brutal attack, so it comes as no surprise that no one of the incident you observed. The testimony of a woman who, at 21.45 hrs, no body noticed, it was not the decisive factor to be considered. “She was in the body, at the earliest, when she was in her car. The site visit revealed that the body is in the blind spot of the door frame, and the rear view mirror to the car.”

the Defendant falls within one another:

Deriemacker collapsed during the reading of the judgment. He was even supported by some police officers.

Photo: mkm

The defendants have been raised runs as a third party was involved in the murder, according to the jury it is implausible for a period of time. The other investigated slopes < / I> (such as the manager of the cafeteria where It a Spanish lesson, this was followed by editor’s note.) have not been successful. Also, to the anonymous letter doesn’t lead to anything concrete, nothing objectiefs with it. Out of the accused, there is no one who is a victim of evil wanted to do.”

“No schuldinzicht”

the Public prosecutor’s office For Lanssens wore on Thursday night to 30 years in prison, plus ten years of posting. “I don’t see any excuse for that, because of its very rigid to cooperate with the research, ‘ says Lanssens. “Its a lie, systematically, and pass the buck of responsibility and compromise of “Carmen” in her honor, it is not. Also, there is no schuldinzicht”, he said, amongst other things.

“I have not done”:

Deriemacker was at the end of the last word, which is still supported by the officers: “I have not done so. It’s all I can say. I didn’t do it. That’s all I’m going to say it.”

After a few hours, to counsel, read the jury’s punishment: 30 years in prison. “The court will take into account the severity of the zwaarwichtigheid, and the enormity of the offence, but also by the total lack of moral standards. The guilty party is revealed until the end of the process does not have an apparent capacity for empathy.” In addition, there was a reference to the silly way in which Deriemacker, his wife, to life. “She was so surprised that she even barely, or not be able to cope, or call for help.”

on the other Hand, as a mitigating circumstance to take into account the clean criminal record of the accused. Deriemacker, was also found guilty of illegal possession of firearms. It was about eleven, peppersprays, and three stroomstootwapens two and a half year after the fact, when a search warrant was found. The peppersprays and tasers have been condemned.

As usual, the chairman, after the reading of the judgment to the accused. “I can only appeal to it with courage and equanimity, your punishment is to be endured, you have to consider the facts of the case that you are found guilty, it was stated, and that your conduct will improve.” The chairman Antoon Boyen added that Deriemacker of fifteen days to lodge an appeal to the sign on the Court (cour de Cassation).
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