the American school toilets should Juuls not be taken carefully. The electrical cigarettes in the sleek Design of the USB-Sticks are not dosed with up to 50 milligrams of nicotine per Milliliter of liquid only, but for minors is also prohibited. However, the toilets of the school between New York and Los Angeles radiate in months, the scent of Mango, mint and Crème Brûlée, the most popular flavors of the so-called steamer.

school districts such as Massapequa, in the state of New York, have installed detectors, which emit in a change in the chemical composition of the toilet of the air warning signals. Others experiment with accompanied trips to the Toilet, and harsh punishments, the “Juuling” curb. The Experiments, young Americans of the fashionable E-cigarette keep, however, fail again and again.

According to a study by the Foundation’s Truth Initiative, which has worked for almost 20 years, tobacco consumption among young people, engage students aged 15 to 17 years 16 Times more likely to Juuls than older Americans. As the study shows, are not limited, many young people on occasional trains, but use the steamer on a regular basis. Among Americans in the High-School-age E-cigarettes are become a popular tobacco product. With a market share of more than 70 percent of the California-based company is an industry leader.