Dance with the stars: behind the scenes of the improbable fall of Stéphane Legar


It was an improbable fall that almost prevented him from dancing face to face. This Friday, November 4, TF1 broadcast the semi-final of Dance with the stars, live from studio 217. As you know, it was finally Thomas Da Costa, star of the TF1 soap opera Here it all begins, who was eliminated after having been saved five times by the public throughout the adventure. Next week in the final, it is therefore Billy Crawford, Carla and Stéphane Legar who will compete to win this 12th season of Dancing with the stars. What you may not know is that the singer almost didn’t participate in the last dance of the face to face because of an improbable fall.

Indeed, while the duo Stéphane Legar and Calisson Goasdoué completed their paso doble on the title of Michael Jackson Bad, a sensual performance which did not arouse the total support of the entire jury, the singer made an improbable and heavy fall that viewers did not fail to point out. Internet users have indeed mocked the astonishing character of this fall in slow motion of the dancer.

By returning to his chair with the other candidates of Dancing with the stars, Stéphane Legar has indeed been the victim of a very surprising fall. While sitting down, his chair gently tumbled backwards for some unknown reason, dragging the singer to the floor. This one did try to catch up with the chair of his dance partner, making it also fall (the chair), but he ended up falling heavily. “But in addition the chair of his dancer also falls, it looks like a sabotage”, quipped a surfer on Twitter.

What Internet users and viewers may not know is that this fall almost prevented the dancer from performing in the last face-to-face event against Carla and Thomas Da Costa. Indeed, Planet was there and found that the singer was standing with his back behind the scenes and grimacing a lot, showing that he had really hurt himself during his fall. There was even a long wait on the set before he joined the other dancers, Camille Combal assuring that it was the time provided for his partner Calisson Goasdoué to change his outfit. After long minutes, the two dancers joined the floor and were finally able to dance their last dance. A sign that his pain was real, however, during the debrief in the second part of the evening, Stéphane Legar showed the camera and the judges and other dancers that he was wearing a lumbar belt.

Despite everything, the dancer did not lose his sense of humor, Stéphane did not fail to be ironic about his improbable fall, sharing his “stunt” in Instagram story in slow motion. “Elsa freaking out,” he wrote with laughing emojis. Fortunately, it seems that his participation in the final is not in question. “Yes, yes, my back is fine, don’t worry!”, explained the dancer to his subscribers, wishing to warn next Friday, November 11.