Dakota Fanning Reveals Tom Cruise’s Annual Birthday Gift Tradition: Shoes

In a recent interview on Kelly Clarkson’s daytime talk show, actress Dakota Fanning shared a heartwarming tradition that has been going on for nearly two decades. Since celebrating her 11th birthday on the set of the movie “War of the Worlds” with co-star Tom Cruise, Fanning has received a birthday gift from him every year. And what is the gift that Cruise sends her annually? Shoes.

Fanning recalled how Cruise gifted her a Motorola Razr cell phone for her 11th birthday, a memory that she cherishes to this day. But it was the following year that the tradition of receiving shoes began. Fanning, who loved shoes as a child, was thrilled to receive small adult shoes that she could fit into during the press tour for “War of the Worlds.” Since then, Cruise has continued to send her shoes every year.

The actress shared this heartwarming story with Kelly Clarkson, who reacted with admiration for Cruise’s thoughtful and consistent gift-giving. Cruise and Fanning’s bond goes back to their time working together as father and daughter in “War of the Worlds,” a blockbuster directed by Steven Spielberg that was a massive success at the box office in 2005.

This tradition not only showcases Cruise’s generosity but also highlights the lasting friendships that can be formed on the set of a movie. Fanning’s story is a reminder of the special moments and connections that can be made in the world of Hollywood.