Thomas Bangalter Unveils 17-Minute Ambient Masterpiece ‘CHIROPTERA’ at Opéra National de Paris

Thomas Bangalter, the former Daft Punk member, has recently dropped a mesmerizing 17-minute ambient track titled ‘CHIROPTERA’ at the prestigious Opéra National de Paris. Divided into two parts, ‘CHIROPTERA’ and ‘CHIROPTERA’ (solo intro), the track made its debut during a one-of-a-kind show at the Parisian opera house.

The performance, curated by French artist JR, featured an installation on the Palais Garnier’s exterior, transformed into a breathtaking “vast cave that opened to a passage filled with rocks and light.” Bangalter’s original music set the tone for the show, complemented by 153 dancers choreographed by Damien Jalet.

The ambient soundscape of the music, accompanied by the synchronized movements of the dancers, created a mesmerizing audio-visual experience that left the audience in awe, resulting in thunderous applause at the conclusion of the performance.

Fans eagerly anticipated the release of the track on streaming platforms following the show, and their wishes were granted when it was announced that ‘CHIROPTERA’ would be available for streaming starting June 7. Additionally, Bangalter and JR revealed plans for a collaborative exhibition at the Paris Saint Claude Gallery from June 7 to July 26.

This release marks Bangalter’s first musical endeavor since ‘DAAAAAALÍ!’, a soundtrack for a surrealist comedy about Salvador Dalí released earlier this year. The artist’s return to the music scene has been met with great excitement from fans and critics alike.

For those eager to immerse themselves in the full experience of ‘CHIROPTERA’, the track is now available for streaming. Stay tuned for more updates on Bangalter’s upcoming projects and collaborations.

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