The Forgotten Accounts of D-Day

The historic event of D-Day, the invasion of Nazi-occupied France, is brought to life through never-before-heard audio recordings from witnesses. In a unique approach, young actors who resemble the original interviewees from the time of the war, lip-sync the powerful testimonies.

In this gripping series, viewers are taken back to the high-stakes invasion of Nazi-occupied France by the Allies in their quest to secure victory in the war. The first episode showcases the intense moments leading up to the invasion, while the second episode delves into the fierce battles on the beaches of Normandy during D-Day. The final episode explores the aftermath of D-Day, as both Allied and German soldiers face the challenges of the Battle of Normandy.

Don’t miss this compelling series that sheds light on the untold stories and sacrifices made during one of the most significant events in history. Watch as history comes alive through the unheard tapes of D-Day.