finally, Katerina Nash, Sunday in the U.s., the Waterloo (Iowa) in the second round of the world Cup cyclo-cross win. The 41-year-old Czech took it out in the rain after a long kabinetstukje. The Swiss Jolanda Neff finished in second place at 19 seconds, and that the British fought as hard He seized the final spot on the podium.

in Belgium it was Ellen Van Loy, who is fifteen, was. Champion Sanne Cant didn’t in the beginning.

Nash picks up 150 points and the lead in the world Cup, from the Canadian Maghalie Rochette (135).

Inge van der Heijden, rode first in the mud, in. In the Netherlands, it was quickly geremonteerd by britain’s Evie Richards, and Nash. The heavy and soggy wrap was followed by the one the order the others. Also, the teachers were not spared. The women were no less than 13:40 in the first round.

finally, Nash began in a secluded to the second round, followed by Richards, and the Carolina’s You can. Behind the French was followed by the Us, Clara Honsinger, Jackson, last week’s winner in the Iowa City area. Van Loy had to be the ninth all of 40 seconds to make it up to Nash. On the technical course, he tried Telling them of the harm as well as possible. Neff repte is for. The Swiss started the third and final round in fourth place after the Nash, Richards, and Honsinger. Nash didn’t come in, while the Neff of further progress, and in the end, when the second has finished.