At 38, host Cyril Féraud is one of the emblematic faces of the small screen. At the head of the program 100% logic, he had agreed to confide in his private life in the columns of our colleagues from Public, in March 2023. During this interview, he had made astonishing confidences about his friendship with the sports journalist Laurent Luyat. The two stars have become friends over the years so Cyril Féraud considers him “a brother”.

“Friends, real ones, that you can wake up in the middle of the night, [he has] very few”, he began by affirming and continuing: “It’s like my brother (.. .) Well-known friends, yes, [he] is starting to have a lot of them (…) In 100% logic, I only invite friends. I want us to be good together, and have fun,” he explained.

A friendship that is all the stronger as the host and the journalist also live in the same building! Information that was confirmed on Twitter after the message of a user. “I’m telling myself, knowing that Cyril Féraud and Laurent Luyat live in the same building, that it must be nice for their neighbors to meet them at the entrance/exit. Isn’t it guys? “, wrote a user. And Cyril Féraud to answer: “I confirm you”.

Already in 2021, the host of the show Le Grand Slam on France 3 had explained that he had spent confinement with his best friend in the columns of Closer. “I was lucky that my best friend, Laurent Luyat, who presents all the sports broadcasts on France Télévisions, lives in my building”.