In 2022, Cyril Féraud was the fifteenth favorite animator of the French according to a TV Mag / Opinionway poll, shared by CNews. If he has become so popular, it is thanks to the France 3 Slam game show which he has been presenting since 2009. Every day, viewers can therefore find him smiling on their screens.

But the career of the singer has not always been traced. In his youth, when he was a trainee in the tele-hook Popstars, he was indeed far from suspecting the success that awaited him. As noted by our colleagues from Gala, he was then the target of many criticisms from his elders.

“It never hurt me, but what I thought was unfair was when we said, ‘He’s smooth.’ It’s that the people who said that weren’t watching the show,” he said. , before adding: “What was funnier is that at the beginning, I saw people, animators installed, who said to themselves: ‘Oh, him, it will last six months.'”, a- he said in the program We redo the TV broadcast in September 2022.

But in addition to the difficulty he experienced at that time, this program was also an opportunity for him to meet a budding celebrity who has since become a star known throughout France. Indeed, it is even thanks to the show Popstars that the singer Matt Pokora was able to make himself known to the general public, before having the career that we know today.

“For the record, I was a trainee on Popstars when he was selected and I even saw his very first audition. You could say that I attended his birth.”, thus entrusted Cyril Féraud in the columns of Tele Star.