For the past few days, host Cyril Féraud has been enjoying his vacation, far from television sets. The 39-year-old star is spending peaceful days in his “secret paradise” as he revealed on his Instagram account, followed by almost 100,000 followers. The star of France Télévisions also gave an interview to the magazine Nous deux, published on August 16, 2022.

In the latter, he discussed his future professional projects as well as his private life. Asked how he imagined himself in 10 years, Cyril Féraud then said: “Father with a little bundle of joy who comes to see me on a TV set, to whom I can make faces discreetly without it can be seen on the air”, he declared and continued: “I am fulfilled professionally speaking, all I need is the end of the cabbage”.

This is not the first time that the presenter of Slam evokes his desire to start a family. In the columns of Télé-Loisirs, last May, he explained that he wanted to be a father. “Becoming a dad is one of my short-term projects. I dream of starting a family and I’m working on it.” While waiting to find out more, Planet invites you to discover all of its hot photos published on its Instagram account.