Over the years, host Cyril Féraud has established himself as one of the emblematic stars of the small screen thanks to his shows Le Grand Slam, La Carte aux Trésors and 100% Logique. Considered the “darling of grannies”, as reported by Le Parisien, he has always made it a point of honor to remain discreet about his love life, unlike some celebrities on the small screen.

In an interview with Public, March 10, 2023, Cyril Féraud had finally agreed to break the silence on his love life. “My private life must remain private. I want to be quiet. My silence may feed fantasies, but I don’t care. I am very happy in my life and that goes through this quietness”. As for who took the photos of the latter published on his Instagram account during his vacation, the host left some doubt: “Someone has to take the shot… But you won’t know more” .

During this interview, the host had mentioned his desire for paternity. “I have said several times that I would like to have a child. It will come when I have the time… For the moment, I do not have one. But when I am a dad, you will know, I promise! “, he confided to our colleagues. Already in August 2022, the host had mentioned his desire to start a family in the columns of We Two.

“Father with a little cutie who comes to see me on a TV set, to whom I can make faces discreetly without it being seen on the air. Building a family is one of my priority objectives”, had– he recounted and continued: “If we have public jobs, we can be smiling, it’s because we have a private life that makes us happy”.