The Canton of Fribourg – cyclist dies in collision with a BusIm Fribourg Torny-le-Grand, it came on Wednesday afternoon a serious road traffic accident in which a 76-year-old man was killed.The police had to move out in the Fribourg Torny-le-Grand due to a serious traffic accident. (Archive image)Keystone/Luke Lehman of the injured cyclists could not be resuscitated and died on the scene of the accident. (Archive image)Keystone/Lukas Lehmann when Overtaking, the bus driver, what surprised the 76-Year-old apparently honked. This gave way slightly to the left and it came to a collision. (Archive image)Keystone/Lukas Lehmann1 / 3

A 76-year-old cyclist died on Wednesday afternoon after a collision with a Bus in the Freiburg of Torny-le-Grand. The cantonal police in Freiburg announced on late Wednesday evening in a Communiqué.

The police moved in shortly after 16.30 due to a serious traffic accident between a cyclist and a Bus. The ambulance and the ambulance service attempted to resuscitate the Region cyclists.

The man died at the scene. The first investigations revealed that the Bus between Torny-le-Grand and in Middes was on the way. After the bus driver noticed the cyclist in front of you, honked the horn, before he overtook the cyclist.

it was a surprise, apparently, the cyclist who swerved slightly to the left. In the consequence it came to a collision. The road had to be closed for around three and a half hours for the transport. The Bus was picked up by the company. The bike seized by the police.

(SDA /chk)