Tools with unlimited resources and essential to our daily lives, smartphones are not without risks. For optimal daily use, without falling into total paranoid, it is important to ensure that you take good care of your device.

But let’s be honest, few people really ensure the viability of their device when it comes to security. Which opens the door to the worst: data hacking or simply the faster wear and tear of your device, especially with overheating of the battery.

And recently a new warning was issued for iPhone and Android users, according to the Gentesite website. It is therefore strongly recommended to check for the presence of certain dangerous applications and to delete them as soon as they are detected.

Normally, users purchase or download their applications from the App Store or the Google Play store, for example. However, malicious applications have infiltrated these platforms and can now be downloaded by users who do not realize that they pose a real risk to their security, indicates the site.

Here’s how these apps can put you at risk: They lure users by claiming to find the best credit rates for you, for example, or by posing as lending apps. How does this jeopardize your online security? These applications are introduced into smartphones and then absorb your personal data.

According to security solutions company Cisco, malicious software, or malware, is intrusive software developed by cybercriminals (often called “hackers”) to steal data and damage or destroy computers and IT systems, explains the site.

Here, below, in our slideshow, is a list of applications to delete urgently, if you find them on your mobile: