CSU-comment: Peaceful Christmas for the CSU


Where there should be a Christmas of peace, if not in a Christian party? So Board meeting, which is forwarded to the CSU Chairman Seehofer prevailed because in the last Party, so much joy and charity, as at the Nuremberg Christmas market. Seehofer was “happy” that it’s over, and Söder, it was also.

In such moments, the old motto nihil nisi bene, which is why Söders compliment, belong to Seehofer, “the Great figures of the CSU story”, could not surprise. In him is even understatement, because Seehofer’s predecessor, were all clearly smaller than he is.

Söder, however, is a long guy like Seehofer. But he can lead the CSU also out of your Depth, how it was possible at the time, Seehofer?

If the Söder inherited in January Seehofer as party leader, the Prime Minister alone, in the political liability. Seehofer wants to make then not a “smartass inlet” more and, lo and behold, “not as a guardian of my party”. He will not have taken Hoeness to the role model?