(Montreal) Even if “in Quebec, it is shameful to talk about great reflection”, we must have one on education and what we expect from it.

Fight against bullying and violence at school, artificial intelligence, cellular intelligence at school, use of social media by young people, integration of students in difficulty, increasing the number of hours of teaching in a given subject… until ‘where should we go in the requests we make to school?

“Currently, there is a problem (in society) and we are asking the school to resolve it,” exclaimed the president of the CSQ, Éric Gingras, in an interview with La Presse Canadienne, in view of the congress of the union center this month.

Mr. Gingras has no opposition to the presidency of the Centrale des syndicats du Québec. At the end of the congress, he will therefore begin a second term at the head of the 225,000-member organization.

He calls for a major reflection on what we expect from education today, a bit like we did in 1995 with the Estates General on education.

“We must be able to have this reflection in Quebec on what we want for our young people. The population is what they are asking for. She pays for services. People want better services; she insists on it; she told us so during the negotiations,” said Mr. Gingras.

“We owe it to the parents; we owe it to the people; we owe it to the citizens. »

All these themes which are regularly raised in the news, whether it is an incident in a school, the teaching of a subject that we would like to improve, the use of social media by young people, or other, we must stop to analyze it piecemeal.

“All of this needs to be put back on the agenda today, but not every week, not ‘an event happens, it’s covered in the public space, after that, we decide that it there is a committee, then after that there is a note from the government or there is a reflection”. We saw it with screens; we saw it with violence. All of these are important issues. We saw this recently with artificial intelligence. We think we are due for a big reflection. »

These themes will also be discussed during the CSQ congress, which will take place from June 26 to 29 in Quebec.