Crypto-systems: Bitcoin & Co still have a Chance?


    It was a year ago: On 17. December 2017 climbed the Bitcoin price near the mark of $ 20,000. The Hype surrounding crypto-systems has reached this record level to a new peak. Not a few analysts predicted that the rapid price rally was only the beginning. A year later, all of them are a bit smarter. The euphoria had evaporated come as fast as you can. today, the Bitcoin price stands at around 3400 dollars. This is a loss of more than 80 percent of twelve months.

    the American economist Nouriel Roubini has burst no less than the “biggest bubble in the history of mankind”. The Exaggerations were worse than Holland’s Tulip mania in the 17th century. Century and any other speculative Crash that took place ever in the financial markets. Roubini said the financial crisis of 2008, previously referred to Bitcoin as the “mother of all scams”.

    it is established that many who invested at the peak of the Bitcoin boom in digital currencies, regret it today, bitter. Whether Cryptocurrencies therefore should write off, is another matter. The Bitcoin story is marked by extreme UPS and downs. Was declared dead in 2009, as the idea of free money that is not subject to control by States and banks, the resulting project is already a couple of Times before.

    Bitcoin in dollars, There is no securities have been found!

    in 2011, the price fell to a record high of $ 30 to below $ 3. However, in 2013, a Comeback followed, and it was for the first time reached the threshold of 1000 dollars. Even then, the skepticism was great. “There is every reason to assume that the Bitcoin Boom ends soon,” wrote the Economist and analysts saw “pattern of aggressive speculative bubble”. In fact, the Bitcoin price fell initially up to almost 200 dollars, and hovering around for a long time, until 2017, the summit storm in the direction of 20 began 000 dollars.