The vast majority of Central banks, according to a survey of the issue their own digital currencies to be on a low. About 85 percent of the world’s Central banks would raise in the next one to three years is probably not a private cyber currency from the baptism, informed the Bank for International settlements (BIZ) on Tuesday in Basel.

These considerations, there are only two Central banks from emerging countries. The BIZ evaluated the responses of 63 Central banks, which were interviewed in the second half of 2018 to their plans.

In recent years there has been a veritable Hype surrounding crypto-systems like Bitcoin or Ripple. However, after the boom year of 2017, as an investor for a Bitcoin temporarily, nearly $ 20,000 had to pay for it, broke in the course of the largest and most famous cryptocurrency now under 4000 dollars.

Despite these market developments, experts continue to believe that the technology behind these currencies, the so-called Blockchain, has great potential, also for Central banks.

Bitcoin in dollars, There is no securities have been found!

This also shows the investigation of the BIZ. So a rising proportion of the Central banks keeps their own digital currencies at least possible. In addition, monetary authorities became increasingly concerned with this topic. Around 70 percent were already involved, or wanted to resume Work soon. However, only five banks had with their projects in a pilot phase.