The year 2019 is without a doubt a “lunar year”: On the brilliant start of the year, with the back side of the moon-landing of the Chinese on the 3. January and the first lunar cotton seed germination a few days ago, will follow in the early hours of the morning of the next Monday, a total lunar Eclipse. And all this is only a prelude to the celebrations, we have to expect in this summer, in view of the fiftieth anniversary of the first manned landing on the moon.

This historic “big step for mankind” we owe as we know, the achievements of the American space Agency Nasa. In what state is Nasa would celebrate your significant anniversary, one might imagine in 1969, however: 95 percent of their employees are currently due to American shutdown in the forced vacation, space travel and space research will run in the minimum emergency mode. Nasa’s buildings are closed, E-Mails may not be read, the service laptops will not be used. After all, the backbone of the research and development, the temporary seat of young and eager post-docs that were previously excluded from this standstill.

Since yesterday, it has caught you: The money for the Nasa Postdocs to be used up immediately, they learned only a few hours before the payment stop by email. At least until the end of February to try out your health insurance and residence permits for foreign scientists to maintain. What happens after that, had to see if the Situation will change until then. For the already poorly paid young researchers that may not have access to a retroactive Payment of the failures, has been on the “gofundme” donation page set up.