Crowded car trunk: in which cases do you risk a fine?


Going on vacation by car is still very practical: no hassle at the airport, no crowds on the station platform… And plenty of room to pile up our belongings. Precisely, this comfort often pushes us to take with us more things than necessary… Until indulging in a real game of tetris in the trunk of the vehicle to place our suitcases, bags and other coolers.

However, many people do not know it, but loading a car is also regulated by the highway code.

A cabin or trunk that is too cluttered, and you can be subject to a hefty fine.

Firstly, article R.312-19 of the Highway Code specifies: “all useful precautions must be taken so that the loading of a vehicle cannot be a cause of damage or danger”.

Do not place your luggage in front of a window, or a windshield, just as you must avoid objects that can “fly” during sudden braking.

If you do not respect this instruction, you expose yourself to a fixed fine of 68€, specifies the Independent.

But that’s not all.

The size of your load must indeed respect some limits. As such, a car cannot circulate with a “real total weight which exceeds the total weight authorized in load, indicated on the gray card”, affirms

Otherwise :

If one or more of these three limits are not respected, you risk a fixed fine of €135

If you are used to adding a roof box, or a trailer to your car when you go on vacation, check that the part respects the authorized dimensions, and that it is well fixed.