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This movie we tip a plot twist ending that is not to believe: it even seems that the actors begin to gesticulate more to “pass” better. I don’t know if that redeems a plot that until then ran through the placid course of the common sights on the pop industry, to arrive at a final settlement “with tutti” (ag√°rrame the rum and coke, I seem to be watching the writer), singing live, not seen since “Love Actually”. Like that movie from Curtis that divides the waters, one can hate this type of deployment melo-dramatic (with melos music), or relax and enjoy: the fluffy meringue is not a minor art that’s tough cachopo, if I continue the metaphor.

The film wins me from the first minute to put the credibility of the characters based on a impeccable number of references: Sam Cooke, Al Green, Aretha, Marvin Gaye… the great of the best pop music that of course had the black soul (the pullas Eagles and Springsteen just to brighten up my day: as you can see my taste in music is monotone). The irony is that the black musicians who star in the plot, at the current time, do not sing as those idols of the golden age. Kelvin Harrison, for example, has some acute triunfito that have nothing to evoke the sublime falsetto of Smokey Robinson or Curtis Mayfield. Another thing is the protagonist who does Tracee Ellis Ross: a diva in the (presumed) line of Aretha or Patti Labelle (or of her mother, who was nothing less than Diana Ross), one of the great traditions of the singers of black. They usually end up in Las Vegas, which is a form of death in life, and that the film approach this destination as a moral dilemma confirms that he knows what he is talking about. The star rating is the always squishy Dakota Johnson and marida (is wife) well with the diva human touching Ross.

Address : Nisha Ganatra. is Performers : Dakota Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross, Ice Cube…

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