When players from Manchester United and Juventus welcomed before the kick-off in the Tunnel of Old Trafford, could be set to be quite the feeling, that there is now a great European football night. The Champions League group game on Tuesday was a showcase for the Stars, the mood in the stadium was good and loud.

world champion Paul Pogba from embraced his former players from Juve, Cristiano Ronaldo grinned at his old place over both ears, clapped with Romelu Lukaku and in the midst of this giant José over flitted Mourinho and gave Juve’s Giorgio Chiellini is a hearty slap in the back of the neck, the he replied, laughing.

That just a legal event-free, fahriger Kick followed, the Juventus earned with 1:0 (1:0) won, primarily because of the passive appearance of Manchester United – which was dismantled after the game of the TV-expert and former United players Rio Ferdinand, Paul Scholes and Owen Hargreaves. Even if no one wanted to challenge them, the dismissal of Mourinho’s, they were yet again very disappointed by United’s performance.

Above all, Ferdinand was clear: “The game has changed. In modern football it is early disturbed, pressed, sets the opponent in front of the goal under pressure and, where necessary and to win the ball, quickly switch. Manchester United plays under Mourinho is exactly the opposite. You occur to be home like an away team.“

“Juventus can win the Champions League”

The tactics of the currently Tenth in the English Premier League, it is primary to stand deep and wait to see if maybe at some point a counter-chance. What was against Juventus only Once really the case, as Paul Pogba hit the Minute 75 around the post. Otherwise dominated and controlled Juventus the game to your liking, would have been able to win without several saves from United’s David De Gea – showed, according to Owen Hargreaves, “the fact that they are a Team that can win the Champions League”.

wanted to make the uninspired performance from United but only on coach Mourinho. “He is not the only Problem of the Association. It is also up to the players and the purchasing policy“. A through ball for the Portuguese, made at the press conference and in a TV Interview after the game, clearly, why Juventus was, in his opinion, is currently on a “different Level” than United.

in Particular, the Central defender Chiellini and Bonucci would give Juventus a security and a support in your game that makes the big difference. The stressed and again, Mourinho brought in the course of the Evening several times, knowing that he is in the summer publicly by his club for reinforcements in Central defence bosses called for but not ultimately received.

side-swipe in the direction of the club bosses

“Juventus always want more. They have Dybala and Higuain, no matter, you get Cristiano Ronaldo. You have Chiellini, Barzagli and Rugani, no matter, you want more and get Bonucci. You are the biggest candidate to the Champions League are up for grabs. You want the Triple, and so they also work,“ he said slightly smugly, and with a renewed swipe at the purchasing policy of his club.

In the final phase of the game Mourinho, who had been due to injuries, no attacking option on the bench had noticed, especially as it Fans put on with Juventus. Sending malicious and insulting chants in the direction of the former Coach of Inter Milan. The hob then three fingers in the air, his favorite of the past few weeks gesture. They are the Championships for three of the Premier League, Mourinho as a coach, won (2005, 2006 and 2015, with Chelsea). As his football was the spirit of the times.