Criticism of Comedy – Why I findeAb Stefan Büsser and his quota of men is not funny today, the SRF-Podcast “quota men” on television. I have objections to this. Opinion Aleksandra Hiltmann11 Kommentare11Stefan Büsser (front right) denies along with Michael Schweizer (center), and Aron’s heart (on the left), a Satire Podcast. An endeavor with a question mark. Photo: SRG Insider

His Corona Videos have been incredibly successful, have been clicking thousands of times requested. It occurs to humor festivals, laugh-filled ranks. They are also known for its Bachelor – and Bachelorette-video summaries. Stefan Büsser is a fixed Size in the Swiss Comedy scene. Wrong?

Questionable Büsser was for me, as he launched together with two other members of the Podcast “quota men” on SRF. It was thought at first to a bad joke, to name a consignment of three men, “quota men”, in the same year, as a historic women’s strike took place, and in public broadcasting. But it was, in fact, not a joke. The show is on. New as of today also on TV, such as the SRF announced on Twitter.

judgments about sexism

For those who don’t understand the Anger over the name: A women’s trio could call it that, as an allusion to the position of women in many areas of life – a self-empowerment, when women use the term itself, bitter evil to show how much the wrong permission to be running in the same. Make the three men – that sex is not discriminated against in Jobs, leadership positions, childcare, wages, and much more, then that doesn’t work, not only in the humor, logic, but is also wrong.

But it gets even thicker. The three men allowed in your shipment, in my mind, no laughs out of it has slipped in to listen, even about women gossiping, who felt offended by Comedy, sexist jokes about rape and pedophilia in addition to find. It is a appearance of a young Comedians, talked about the among others Juso-Boss Ronja Jansen, after she herself had only been a few weeks earlier, even sexist insults. Michael Elsener referred to them in his former TV show as a “Miss” and “hot”.

The rate of men believed in episode 2 of their podcast (see above, to know from Minute 12) that those who get upset about such Comedy, they would not have understood the meaning and purpose of Comedy. Politicians wanted to maneuver with such Judgments “in the press (…) what the fuck, no one cares” what Mrs. James was thinking about jokes, find Büssis Podcast colleague, Michael Schweizer. “Even bad jokes, you should be allowed to make,” says Büsser with it. He got sick of it, to Comedy constantly defend: “chilled began his time.” Maybe this was meant to be so ironic that I didn’t understand it actually.

My sexism alarm rang, but when I saw a Video of Stefan Büsser in the air of the “Deville”. He proposed a new TV-formats, instead of “Mini Beiz, dini Beiz” about “Mini wife, dini, of the woman” – moderated by Sven Epiney. After that, he impersonated “Samschtig-Jass”-Moderator Reto Scherrer, tells a joke (so he told the joke as Scherrer): “the man Says to the woman: I can’t JASS, but a slider, we can make anyway.”

closing with leg drills

As for the “quota men” here, too, spells that are not smart-funny, but knee-slapper, who have lost in today’s time, nothing more, at least not in the case of SRF or of a rather young Person very like Stefan Büsser.

language, And then there was this Moment in a SRF-Comedy Video, in the Büssi about his school career, as he had difficulty getting elected as a child, in a sports team, from other children, “who come from countries that have not yet chosen never”, and also later vote will be allowed. Children of foreigners. The could have come over as a very sharp critique, a criticism against the restrictive policy on refugees and discriminatory laws on Aliens, cleverly packaged in black, good sense of Humor. But there was something missing, a certain type, a certain undertone.

And so shiver went over my back, as the number of a man without an immigrant background sound actually a little funny to be so funny that you would have been entitled. A Person with migration foreground, the look at the neckline at my request, found that it was not managed very well.

that you should open up the debate, if only foreigners jokes Foreigners or only women are allowed to make wife jokes. I’ll leave this open at this point.

Perhaps it is, perhaps, a “Swiss” Problem in the Comedy. Some Comedians don’t seem to be the Format, the personality, to have really good performances, where you fill in the stage – I’m also a Podcast Studio with your Person and presence correctly, in which the contents are properly seated and the punchlines are real punchlines.

jokes about Turks, and women like, but if you do, then please well. And who today holds #MeToo is exaggerated, should keep the best for themselves and not in a Podcast, in which three self-proclaimed world’s explainer as a “quota men” occur, inform. Where: This is actually so absurd that it is actually almost funny. Almost.

The program “quota men”, among other things, today at 22.35 PM on SRF 2. You can find more information here.

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