Almost, he would have been glad too early. Because he felt too safe. Because his closest competitor, Alexander Loginov, was caught while trying to reverse into the Bush and had resorted to in the snow. “As a Logi is like, I had about ten meters ahead. Isn’t that enough, I thought,“ said Johannes Thingnes Bö. But somehow, he had the third in the League, the Frenchman Quentin Fillon Maillet, not more on account. “The came then but with a lot of Speed. Since I had to fight hard again,“ said gust, who had finish in the Photo is just the tip of the boot in the front.

Claus Dieterle

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

The Russian Loginov, who was pulled up to February 2017, due to doping for two years from the traffic, remained in third place in a race in which the German biathletes played no vital role to play: too many errors in the shooting range. Benedikt Doll, in the Sprint of the Fifth, made the six and was the best term yet 18. the best German.

For squall, however, was the brief Triumph in the pursuit on Sunday in the biathlon centre at the Slovenian plateau Pokljuka is already the second victory of the Season in the third race. The Sprint on Friday, he had won a sovereign, and that it was two days later in the final of the pursuit of exciting again, for the 25-year-old Norwegians. Almost 50 seconds ahead of the fourth and final shoot were actually extremely comfortable, but then fired gust the five shot, as if to him, the competitor is very tight in the neck. The receipt: Two slices remain, two penalty laps, the lead was gone. “Well, I invited the two of them, I wanted to be on the Safe side,” said gust, who can rely on his running abilities.

Where is Martin Fourcade?

the Especially of the man with the pack at the end of duels provides otherwise, far and wide to see nothing. And so some people asked: Where is Martin Fourcade? What is the matter with Mister Biathlon? 24th place in the Sprint, which was already biathletes unusual for the exception, but on Sunday, the 30-year-old Frenchman came not even to the finish.

All of them had expected a furious race to catch up, because you know that Fourcade strikes back is always merciless when he’s angry or disappointed. And the appearance in the Sprint, no doubt, was a huge disappointment for a man with his claims. And he had left behind Fourcade, a little perplexed and concerned. A shooting error – how gust – otherwise loose in the track betting. But where are the more than a Minute behind coming to the Norwegians? “This is a big blow,” said Fourcade, “we need to analyze. It is something physical, or it was the skiing?“

Against the latter Thesis, his compatriots were all afloat on the road. And that Fourcade, who has the rare ability to get himself out of bad performances, still the Optimum, on the Sunday after the fourth shooting, and four errors out of the race drops out and the world Cup points are given away, is extremely unusual. DNF, did not finish – these three words not normally part of his vocabulary.