Because of the significant problems in the restoration of the sailing school ship “Gorch Fock” has instructed the Ministry of defence, a provisional payment stop. A decision on the future of the ship could only be made after further tests taken, said a spokesman for the defence Ministry in Berlin on Thursday. Because of the explosion of Costs in the project, as well as of a corruption suspicion against a member of staff and defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) had consulted with the top of the Marine. “I’m very Worried about the Gorch Fock”, the Minister said the “Rheinische Post” also reported first about the payment stop.

so Far, 69.5 million euros for renovation

The 1958-built three-master will be overhauled for 2016. Originally with tens of millions of euros, puts the cost now on 135 million euros. “In the past, outflows for the restoration of the “Gorch Fock” of 69.5 million euros,” said the spokesman of the Ministry of defence. The decision on the payment stop had been made because of the “unclear Situation”. “The yard has promised of reconnaissance efforts. In Parallel, the public Prosecutor’s office in Osnabrück determined, with the help of the Bundeswehr is cooperating closely,“ he said. The armor strand made the order, all previous technical costs of audits in connection with the project.

First, there was no direct evidence that corruption and cost increases in a context. Against the staff of the naval Arsenal Wilhelmshaven, which had displayed itself, were investigated. The Prosecutor’s office in Osnabrück was because of the suspicions of corruption are also offices of the Elsflether Werft searches.